The company was set up in December 2019 by like minded individuals who had discovered an opportunity in a financial problem that many were facing.

From their personal experiences when raising capital, they had realised that the traditional financial model and products around the world were beneficial BUT they didn’t address the immediate financial needs of billions who were locked out due to the following challenges:

1. Minimal or zero access to banks or similar financial institutions.
2. Unreasonable requirements or procedures stipulated by credit institutions.
3. Distance or remoteness to urban centres.
4. Poor credit scores due to lack of a security such as land.
5. Illiteracy, poverty and ignorance.

With these challenges in mind, the founders decided to set up a company that could use mobile, information technology and the internet to bypass these challenges and serve the financial needs of the untapped billions.

The company comes up with financial and I.T. solutions that offer access to capital and credit. This involves developing and offering fintech products and services to individuals, organisations and corporates which enable them easily and quickly access finance.
The company's headquarters are located in China. From the onset, the company was set up with an international outlook which explains its global expansion where it currently has a presence in India, Kenya and Nigeria.

The company has aggressively rolled out fintech products in all

Cash loans through mobile phones money apps and USSD codes.

Mobile phones airtime lending.

Cash loans over the internet and offline through physical company agents.

Salary advances to employees working in the private and public sector.


The company values individuals who identify with the company’s mission, are innovative, and able to utilise their skill set to achieve the company’s goals.

Currently the company has a brilliant pool of employees who are working to achieve the company’s mission. In the company’s headquarters, the company has a permanent workforce of thirty (30) employees and a hundred (100) part-time employees who handle the company’s operations which can be outsourced or handled on a part-time basis,

In Kenya, the company has fifty (50) employees who have been involved in setting up and running of the company. The company has plans to increase the work force to five hundred (500) employees by end of 2020

In Nigeria, the company has eight (8) staff members who are setting up the company in the country as they assess the market needs. There are plans to roll out the company’s products in March 2020 and hire more employees once the company is up and running.

Business Progress in Africa

The company has come up with popular products in Kenya that are in the form of mobile money lending apps which are Hikash and MoCash. The uptake so far has been quite positive where currently Hikash has over half a million (500,000) registered users with 10,000 user onboarding daily. The company is confident that in the near future it will have surpassed a million loyal users.

On the strength of this solid performance in Kenya, the company is now currently planning to launch the Hikash app in Nigeria in the middle of March.

Strategy & Values

The company seeks to implement its growth strategy in all facets of the company based on the company's mission and values which it holds dear. The values are:

Innovativeness and boldness in the form of products the company comes up with and as we develop and implement the growth strategy.
Equality which drives the company to ease access to capital or credit to all people regardless of one’s background, race or opinion.
Transparency internally and externally. Our customers and employees should be in a position to easily and fully understand our company and its products.
Care for the individuals working for the company, our clientele, our service providers, investors and the society we are operating in which includes the environment.
Data security where the company is aware and committed to the need to maintain confidentiality and security of all data entrusted to it.
Adherence to the local and international regulatory framework for the common good of the company and all individuals linked to it.